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Humanitarian work

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"A Day In Our Lives" - Reasmey Angkor Bassac Theatre Troupe from Salamander & Co.

CAMBODIA :- As an actress, Helena has toured extensively. While in South East Asia three years ago she met a struggling theatre company in the North West of Cambodia. Learning that the artists had barely survived the Khmer Rouge and were struggling to revive the Indigenous art of Bassac or Cambodia's form of opera, Helena promised to give her support. By contacting international sources of funding and working on gaining public awareness, the Company is now in the process of building their own permanent site which will be a huge economic boost to that section of the country, and will assist in combating disease , land mines and child trafficking which are scourges of the area. They have just received an invitation to represent Cambodia at the International Theatre in Nepal. If their attendance can be achieved it will be the first time that the art of Bassac will be seen outside Cambodia.

Please help her finish the theater in Cambodia, and make a donation, every penny counts!

COLOMBIA :- While directing and scripting a British documentary in Colombia, SA, Helena was contracted by the Colombian Government Department of Culture as lecturer and instructor at the National Drama School located in the Teatro Colon in Bogota. Part of her assignments were to research indigenous tribal myths for theatrical staging. Toured with "El Grupo 502," presenting theatre in big cities and rural areas that had never seen theatre before. Awarded the National Prize or ONDRA for their contribution to Latin American Theatre.

COSTA RICA :- Contracted by the Costa Rican Department of Culture, Helena, headed a theatre project for UNESCO in a problem barrio of the capitol, San Jose. The work culminated in the establishment of the first cultural center in the country, La Casa de Cultura Barrio Cristo Rey. The second cultural center was named Casa de la Cultura, Helena de Crespo, at he request of President, Daniel Oduber.