Helena de Crespo is an award-winning actress with a repertoire spanning theater, film, TV, and radio.

Grimm, "Good to the Bone," NBC

Helena in Grimm, “Good to the Bone,” S5 Ep18, NBC

Christmas Revels

Helena in The Christmas Revels, Portland, OR, USA


Helena with Patrick Stewart in “Hay Fever,” Liverpool, U.K.

The Light that Failed

Helena with Richard Basehart in “The Light that Failed,” CBS

Helena with Ingrid Bergman

Helena with Ingrid Bergman in “24 Hours in a Woman’s Life,” CBS

Helena with Joan Fontaine

Helena with Joan Fontaine in “Susan and God,” U.S. Tour

Helena in Robin Hood

Helena with Richard Green (right) in Robin Hood, “The York Treasure,” ATV, London and CBS