The Passion of Christ, Costa Rica

The Passion of Christ, UNESCO, Bario Christo Rey, Costa Rica

“Art is for everyone, and everyone has talent.” – Helena de Crespo

Helena’s work as a director (both in Spanish and English) has involved supporting the objectives of the production company, auditioning performers, casting, preparing rehearsal schedules, staging, assisting the artist with interpretation, working with the technical staff, and bringing in the show for the public.

Current Projects:

St. Jacobs Play Readings | St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada | English Language

Stage Productions:

  • Vagina Monologues | Portland, OR | In conjunction with Mexican Department of Culture | Spanish language
  • The Passion of the Christ | Government Department of Culture, Costa Rica | Spanish language
  • Grupo del Teatro 502 | Colcultura, Government Department of Culture, Colombia | Spanish language
Vagina Monologues poster

Vagina Monologues program

Vagina Monologues rehearsal

Vagina Monologues Cast

Helena with Vagina Monologues cast

Vagina Monologues

Helena with the Mexican Consulate