As an administrator at local government level, I have been in charge of hiring staff, negotiating contracts, planning class and performance schedules, reaching out to the local communities, processing budgets and fund raising.  Coordinating ticket sales with the box office and on line.


Processing fund raising events, researching appropriate grant sources, approaching local national and international funding organisations, adhering to their requirements and fulfilling their demands.


Exploring and applying all avenues of informing the public of our events, whether press, radio, and/or social media.

Event Planner

Whether the performance by a visiting top liner performer, the first night of a new show, a fundraiser for a special cause, extra involvement of the audiences, etc., special events are a crucial part of communicating with the public and creating excitement.

Worcester Productions, LLC

Prime presenter vehicle, Registered in Portland, Oregon, for one-woman presentations of my own shows adhering to the requirements of the trade union, Equity US and UK.

Helena in Elective Affinities

Helena in “Elective Affinities” by David Adjmi; at the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Poster

“Elective Affinities” promotional poster in Edinburgh