To be an actress, to be a performer, or to be an entertainer, what does that mean?  Many things, I know, but all I can say is that skills I have learned along the way have taken me to many theaters, movie sets, television studios, recording studios, and allowed me to meet people from all walks of life, and taken me to many countries that I have loved to know and explore.

One day, several years ago, a lady in one of those faraway countries, who had seen me perform, begged me to help her young son.  He was severely handicapped and she was sure that he may never be able to speak.  My training had taught me the mechanics of the voice, the mechanics of speech.  It occurred to me that perhaps I did have the skills to help him.

At the Academy we had assessed the process of breathing, the application of the breath to the voice, and the techniques  of speech.  I began spending time with her son, conveying what I knew as best I could, and gradually he began to understand.  Gradually he began to form words. Gradually he became aware that he was communicating to those around him.

This huge, unexpected event might never have come my way if I had chosen another way of life.

As time goes by, I look forward to telling you more of the riches that have come my way in this business of show.